Edward Ruscha and Dennis Hopper
New Work
April 25 - May 22, 1992

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Dennis Hopper
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In 1960-67, before the making of the American classic Easy Rider, Dennis Hopper shot a selection of groundbreaking images that tell a most animated and remarkable history of art, artist, places and events of that time. What is most extraordinary and unique about these photographs is not only the crisp and wonderful eye and the "cinematic image", but the celebration of the moment, always crazy, cool, wild and funny, infused with magic and life, the result of the subject interacting with Dennis Hopper.

After many years of preparatory work, we are planning a comprehensive book of some 500 photographs, to be published by Taschen in the Spring of 2009.

Ed Ruscha
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For more than forty years Ed Ruscha has pioneered the use of the visual word and the graphic sign in paintings that reflect a distinct—and revealing—awareness of the conceptual and graphic elements at the heart of American culture and communication.
Many years ago, Walter Hopps clarified the difference between the Pop Art of New York and that of Los Angeles. The latter said Hopps, was “the art of the highway.” And it was the quintessentially Los Angeles paintings of Ed Ruscha that provided this insight—as we see in Fisk, one of Ruscha's most important early works. With its logo, appropriated from a well-known tire company, and its title, Falling but Frozen, this painting says it all.