Patrick Demarchelier
New Photographs
January 23 - February 27, 1999

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Patrick Demarchelier
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Known internationally for his fluid, informal fashion shots, Patrick Demarchelier emerges... as a master photographer whose images capture an often surprising and spontaneous vitality in even the most powerful icons of beauty and culture. Perhaps his best-known photographs are his portraits of Diana, taken with her sons, which helped to establish her as "the people's Princess." Yet the same light touch illuminates his images of subjects as diverse as giraffes in Tanzania, Johnny Depp, Egyptian pyramids, Patrick Ewing, sumo wrestlers, Cindy Crawford, and Versailles.

Demarchelier's careful respect for his subjects and equal empathy for the space around them is seen in the context of what Harrison calls "the blurring of the boundaries between commercial and 'non-commercial' photography." Described by Alexander Liberman as a "gentle pioneer" and by the writer Glenn O'Brien as a "worshipper of beauty," the artist may be best characterized by his own statement: "I like real laughter in my pictures."

-Martin Harrison