The Other Side

May 5 - July 20, 2006

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The Other Side
May 5 - July 20, 2006

Working notes of an idea for an exhibition which attempts to show the underbelly-the subversive-the defiant tendencies of art. The perimeters of asthetic concerns that encompass elements of displacement, disruption, erosion and decay. The entropic and continuous collapse, as well as reactive signs of revolt-rebellion and renewal.

John Chamberlian
Andy Warhol
Dan Flavin
Ed Ruscha
Carl Andre
Diane Arbus
Malcom Morely
Robert Smithson
Larry Clark
Cindy Sherman
Mike Kelley
Richard Prince
Sarah Charlesworth
Keith Haring
Jean-Michel Basquiat
Donald Baechler
Christopher Wool
Damien Hirst
Marilyn Minter
Eberhard Havekost