David LaChapelle

Artist Bio
No one better exemplifies the post-modern than David LaChapelle, for no photographer-artist has a more powerful vision of the universe of stars and personalities in movies, fashions, and music that pulsate at the heart of contemporary pop culture. Inspired by Andy Warhol, with whom he worked in the early 80's, LaChapelle displays a ferocious originality of expression - the iconoclasm of the young Louis Buneul mixed with the dreamlike poetry of early Fellini and the underground guerilla spirit of Jack Smith. To compose and produce his memorable images, LaChapelle improvises processes as complex and ambitious as any that go into the making of a movie. Author of some of the era's most successful music videos, as well as the award-winning documentary Rize, LaChapelle reinvents the language of Pastiche. The results are to be seen in the vivid colors and Baroque compositions of some of the sexiest, hottest, and coolest images on the frontiers of our moment's rapidly expanding sensibility.

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